Brennan Wood

Brennan Wood is a multifaceted musician with a rich involvement in the music scene of West Virginia. As the Director of Music at Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg, he leads the musical programming and brings a diverse range of sounds to the congregation.

His role as the lead trumpet player in the West Virginia Jazz Orchestra showcases his skill in a genre that demands both technical proficiency and emotive performance.

In the realm of folk music, Brennan’s talents as a banjo player and lead singer for the bluegrass band Greenbrier Grass highlight his versatility and deep appreciation for traditional Appalachian music.

Additionally, his participation in Hotshots, a Billy Joel tribute band, where he plays keyboard and trumpet, demonstrates his ability to adapt to different styles and his passion for celebrating the work of iconic musicians.

Brennan’s musical journey reflects a dedication to both preserving the rich musical heritage of his region and exploring the boundaries of musical expression.